The Project

This project is being delivered using an integrated research and development approach that brings together world-leading partners with a wide range of expertise with the aim of developing an innovative PTO solution for the wave energy sector.

The Project

Imagine project detail

Based on UMBRA GROUP’S advanced aerospace engineering, the IMAGINE project will develop and demonstrate an innovative Power-Take Off (PTO) concept for wave energy applications, the groundbreaking Electro-Mechanical Generator (EMG). The EMG is able to convert slow speed, reciprocating linear motion into electricity based on the integration of a recirculating ballscrew and a permanent magnet generator. This solution dramatically improves average efficiency, reliability and affordability compared to state-of-the-art PTOs. The solution can be applied to a wide range of wave energy device types and which will enable wave energy to successfully commercialise.

Throughout the IMAGINE project, needs and solutions will be identified, and the technology developed. This will include HardWare-In-the-Loop (HWIL) testing of a 250kW prototype, plus techno-economic assessment. A Technical Advisory Board will also be set up to provide external guidance and will contribute to make the EMG a suitable product for the international market.

Work packages

The IMAGINE project is split into 7 technical work packages, plus overall project management (WP1).