September 24, 2019

Summer internship hosted at NTNU

The NTNU team hosted Ms. Florence Maqueda as a summer intern in the IMAGINE project. Florence is a first-year student in Mechatronics at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Rennes (ENS Rennes), France and was in Trondheim between 13.05.2019 and 12.07.2019.

During this period, she contributed in NTNU’s investigations for working package 5.2. In particular, the adaptive control and optimization of an oscillating wave surge converter using the modular power take-off concept proposed in the IMAGINE project. Florence implemented different models in Matlab/Simulink using one, two and three modular PTOs. Then she applied the optimization algorithm proposed by the NTNU team in working package 5.1.

The results from her investigations were presented in a poster at ENS Rennes on 06.09.2019.